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Canvas Giclee Print "Overland Underway"

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Artwork listed on this page is for sale. These are reproductions made from Marc's original paintings. Most of the selection are made on stretched canvas to give the look and feel of the original artwork. A few of the prints are made on high-quality card stock. You can find more information in the description of each print. If you find a print you would like to purchase then please use the shopping cart system. If you would prefer to order by phone then please give Marc a call at: 801-589-3196. Thank you.

Canvas Giclee Print "Overland Underway"

Under Way cover.jpg
Under Way cover.jpg

Canvas Giclee Print "Overland Underway"


Title: "Overland Underway"

"Artist Choice" edition size : 100 prints

Signed and Numbered by the Artist

Print/Image Dimensions : 16" x 20" on Archival Stretched Canvas
Year Issued : 2013

Train number 28, the San Francisco Overland, is just getting under way at the Oakland Mole.  This is the beginning of the eastbound trip for this train.  The train will travel over half way across the United States and end its journey in Chicago, IL.  It is around 1950 and steam locomotives are running their final trips as the diesel engines begin to take over.  Leading the Overland today is Southern Pacific Railroad steam engine number 4449.  This engine was initially designed to pull the famed Daylight trains up and down the California coast.  The days of steam are numbered for these once famous engines and it would not be uncommon to find this type of engine in non-traditional rolls such as today on number 28.  In the coming years this Daylight engine will elude the scrapper’s torch, find refuge for time on display, and then be restored to pull the famous Freedom Train.  It will then go on to become one of the most famous excursion engines in steam locomotive history.  This “Highball” from the Oakland Mole is the beginning of the trip for the Overland and only a footnote for engine 4449.

Marc Desobeau – Copyright 2013

PRICE : $225.00 each print, unframed (Price Includes shipping within the Continental U.S.)

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