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Canvas Giclee Print "Le Couleurs de Noel"

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Artwork listed on this page is for sale. These are reproductions made from Marc's original paintings. Most of the selection are made on stretched canvas to give the look and feel of the original artwork. A few of the prints are made on high-quality card stock. You can find more information in the description of each print. If you find a print you would like to purchase then please use the shopping cart system. If you would prefer to order by phone then please give Marc a call at: 801-589-3196. Thank you.

Canvas Giclee Print "Le Couleurs de Noel"

Les Couleurs lg.jpg
Les Couleurs lg.jpg

Canvas Giclee Print "Le Couleurs de Noel"


Title : " Les Couleurs de Noël " (The Colors of Christmas)

"Artist Choice" edition size : 100 prints

Signed and Numbered by the Artist

Print/Image Dimensions : 16" x 20" on Archival Stretched Canvas
Year Issued : 2013

The Christmas theme of green, red, silver, and gold on a wintery day is complete in this French countryside vignette.  This is the French National Railway (SNCF) after WWII.  The railroad and country is on the rebound from the ravages of war.  Locomotive 140 C 231 has been repatriated from Germany and overhauled with a brilliant paint scheme. Initially these engines were ordered by the Chemins de fer de l'État ("State Railways") and due to WWI restrictions they were ordered from British foundries. This engine was part of the second series built in 1916-1917 by the North-British Locomotive Corporation at Hyde-Park Works in Glasgow. This class numbered 340 engines in three series.  This venerable little engine has traveled far and wide and thanks to the efforts of many preservation-minded individuals it will continue to operate in excursion service.

PRICE : $225.00 each print, unframed (Price Includes shipping within the Continental U.S.)

Vive la Vapeur!

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